Welcome to As Burgers Go Shop

Where Every Child Finds Comfort and Joy!

At As Burgers Go, we believe in the magic of childhood and the importance of creating a nurturing environment for every little one. Our online store is dedicated to providing a carefully curated selection of sensory-friendly products that ignite creativity, foster development, and bring smiles to the faces of sensory-sensitive kids.

Why As Burgers Go Shop?

Passion for Sensory Wellness: We are driven by a deep passion for the well-being of sensory-sensitive children. Our founder, Lauren Budd, envisioned a space where parents, caregivers, and educators could find high-quality, sensory-friendly products to support the unique needs of their little ones.
Thoughtfully Curated Selection: Each product in our store is handpicked with love and consideration. From calming textures to engaging activities, our collection aims to create an inclusive and joyful experience for every child, regardless of their sensory preferences

Our Commitment to You:

Quality and Safety

As Burgers Go prioritizes the safety and comfort of your child. All our products meet the highest standards of quality and are designed to provide a safe and enjoyable sensory experience.

Community Engagement

We are more than just a store; we are a community. Join us on fB,IG for parenting tips, sensory play ideas, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals who understand the unique journey of raising sensory-sensitive kids.