As Burgers Go arranges parties and activities for special needs kids that are great for promoting communication skills, understanding, and increasing motivation, interest, and ability to participate in shared social interactions. We will customize the party according to your child's learning style.

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Makeup & Paint Nails Parties

Dress Up /Tea Parties

Design A Poster & Sticker Parties

Kinetic Sand Layering Parties

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What are Sensory Processing Activities?

Sensory processing activities are activities that allow the child to use their senses to wake up their neurons. This helps them feel safe in their space and learn how to adapt to different environments accommodating their needs with and without tactile stimuli, visual and auditory stimuli in a structured learning environment. Structure is key.

What is the benefit of Sensory Play?

Sensory play focuses on activities that engage your child's senses, helping them develop language skills and motor skills. It also helps with cognitive growth, fosters social interactions, and encourages experimentation and creativity.

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